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The DeMolay Program

We're Building Future Leaders

Minnesota DeMolay provides a nurturing, low-risk environment for young men to develop and strengthen their leadership skills through formalized leadership training, fun team-building games and hands-on opportunities.

Formal Leadership Training

Minnesota DeMolay hosts formal leadership training at events throughout the year. From our annual statewide convention and dedicated weekends such as DeMolay University to casual breakouts at regular meetings of our local chapters and online programs through DeMolay International.

DeMolay is dedicated to helping young men grow and develop into successful leaders and responsible citizens.

Youth-Led Programming

Youth members are the driving force of Minnesota DeMolay. Whether at the local chapter or the state level, the young men of DeMolay lead the charge.

With the support of adult volunteers, DeMolay members are afforded a low-risk environment to create event calendars, plan activities, execute services projects, manage budgets and so much more.

Focused on Fun

Minnesota DeMolay prides itself on providing an environment of fun and excitement. Here is a sampling of some of the events we’ve held recently:

  • Paintball
  • City of Inflatables
  • Snow Tubing
  • Highland Games
  • LARP Day