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Minnesota demolay is now accepting state officer applications

Now Accepting State Officer Applications

A position in the State Officer Corps is the very pinnacle for Minnesota DeMolay. Many DeMolays dream of reaching this lofty status but few ever do.

And now the State Staff is accepting new applications from Active DeMolays who would are interested in serving Minnesota DeMolay at an elevated level.

State Officers face many challenges and there are high expectations for each officer. But every DeMolay who wears a Minnesota DeMolay collar has an opportunity to have an impact on not just the local level, but the state and international levels as well.

To meet these expectations, a DeMolay must be at their best. Their attitude, DeMolay knowledge, creativity, willingness to work and appearance must be exceptional. They are the leaders of the state and must recognize that all eyes are constantly on them and their execution of their duties.

To be eligible to enter the election, a DeMolay must meet the following requirements:

  1. A DeMolay must be active in their local chapter
  2. A DeMolay must have proven his proficiency of his obligations
  3. A DeMolay must be a Past Master Councilor
  4. A DeMolay must be under the age of 21
  5. A DeMolay must complete and submit the application and essay before the FEBUARY 1ST deadline
  6. A DeMolay must have the approval of his chapter’s Chairman by his signature on the application
  7. If a DeMolay is applying to run for State Master Councilor, you must submit a term plan

If you are interested in becoming a State Officer, read the additional requirements and process and submit your application to the State Staff no later than February 1, 2022.

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