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Your Son's Impact Starts Today

Young Men Can Make An Impact On The World

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DeMolay Teaches Them How

We all want to see our sons grow into successful, confident and courteous young men. But in today’s world, there are more challenges than ever for kids to thrive.

DeMolay provides an environment for young men to learn together, develop confidence through action, serve their communities and have hands-on leadership experience with their peers.

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Building A Community Of Leaders

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One of DeMolay’s primary goals is to help each member find their voice and confidence. We do this by maintaining a strong sense of community and developing bonds of friendship that last well beyond their time as members.

We focus on empowering every member to take on a leadership role. Whether it’s helping on a specific project, filling one of the executive roles at their local chapter or serving on the state leadership panel, DeMolay provides a supportive environment for them to plan and execute their ideas. And if ideas don’t work out, it’s a safe place to fail and learn for the next time.

Learning Through Fun

DeMolay prides ourselves on celebrating the hard work of our members with plenty of fun events. From snow tubing to video game tournaments, or paintball competitions to action sports shows.

At DeMolay, there are always fun activities around the corner, and we encourage our members to come up with new activities to keep the fun fresh.

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