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Jurisdictional Officer Application

Gentlemen, consider this your call to action. The State Staff of Minnesota is looking for the best to become Jurisdictional Officers for the coming year and will only accept premiere youths!

The young men who receive this honor should be:

  • The very best our state has to offer.
  • Exemplary in their character and conduct, proving that DeMolay truly creates leaders in their community.
  • At the end of this journey, hopefully you can look back and be proud of the things you were able to accomplish and the many DeMolays you have helped along the way.

I will not sugar coat this, being a Jurisdictional Officer takes time and work. You will be the one who arrives early and stays late, you will have to build bridges and lend a helping hand while bringing new ideas to the table, all while keeping a positive attitude and bringing your best effort to DeMolay. I look forward to working with all of you towards a greater and brighter future for the Order of DeMolay.

Download the Jurisdictional Officer Application.
Submission deadline is extended to Saturday, June 15.