M.C. - Brethren at this hour all over our land, mothers are bending over the beds wherein lie the children they love. At this hour also, guests in homes and hospitals are preparing for the hour of rest. Let us pause a moment in our deliberations while the chaplain offers a prayer.

M.C. *** (3 raps) Brother Chaplain you will lead us in prayer.

M.C. - Active DeMolay will kneel on left knee. All others will remain standing.

Ch. - Our Father, as sons of loving and indulgent parents, we invoke Thy divine blessing upon all the fathers and mothers of our country and of all the world and wilt thou pour out a special blessing for our mothers who have watched over us with unceasing care during all the years of our lives. We ask Thy benediction upon all who labor for the relief of suffering and need. May we ever realize that we are brothers of the helpless and suffering and rejoice to every call to the relief of pain or the alleviation of sorrow. Wilt Thou help us to lead upright and patriotic lives worthy of the devotion of all who have labored for our beloved country in every field of sacrifice and service. Amen.

Active DeMolay (in unison) - God Bless mother, God bless father, God bless the purposes of DeMolay. Amen.

M.C. * (rap)