It is recommended that the Executive Officer or his representative perform this ceremony from memory.  It is also recommended that it be performed annually in connection with a Chapter Officer Installation Service as soon as practicable after January 1st.

Required Parts:  Presiding Officer: PO; Marshal: Mar.

Required Paraphernalia:  Holy Bible open on the Altar; school books on Northeast corner of Altar.

PO - Brethren and friends, we are assembled at this time to install the Advisory Council of .......... Chapter, Order of DeMolay, for the current year.  Brother Marshal, you will present these Advisors West of the Altar.

Mar. moves X Z T, thence to place where Advisors are seated and conducts them to point J

PO - Brother.....(use titular head of the sponsoring body, if possible)..., will you please red the names of those who have been recommended by you and designated by the Executive Officer to serve as this Chapter's Advisory Council for the current year.


PO - Brethren and friends, these are dedicated men who believe wholeheartedly in the youth of our community.  These Advisors know our youths to be good and reputable young men who, as responsible, upright citizens, will preserve nation's rich heritage and continue the course of human concern and God-centered living that have made this nation great.  These men will give much time and effort in their dedicated service to this chapter.  They live lives worthy of DeMolay and Masonic ideals and are vibrant examples of loyal and effective service.

Each of you have a particular duty and a special activity to which you have been assigned.  I charge you to be faithful and diligent in the discharge of that duty so that this Chapter may succeed in serving God, country, and mankind, and so that its members may see in you an example worthy of emulation.

* * * (3 raps)

All stand

PO moves X U O

PO - You will place your right hand over your heart and remain silent.


In the presence of Almighty God and these witnesses, I do solemnly promise that I will strive to the best of my ability to guide and counsel the Officers and members of this Chapter in accordance with the ideals and principles of the Order of DeMolay.

I promise that in my service as a DeMolay Advisor I will bear true allegiance to The International Supreme Council and to the Executive Officer in this jurisdiction.

I promise that in all my dealings with a member of the Order of DeMolay I will be ever mindful that he brings to me the precious gift of his trust, a gift which can be received only with patience, understanding and love.

Do you so promise?

Des. - I do.

Drop hands

PO faces East, moves O U X, faces west.

* (rap)

All sit down

PO - May each of you be inspired with the noble purposes of this great Order.  May you display the enthusiasm that will mold hard work and devotion into success.  May you follow in the footsteps of our founder, Frank Sherman Land, by helping young men to be better men and leaders who will establish a better world for tomorrow.

Brother Marshal, you will escort these Advisors to their seats.

Mar. conducts Advisors J K, thence to seats, then moves Z X, faces West, sits down.