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Master Ritualist Program

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The purpose of the DeMolay Ritual (our various public ceremonies, induction ceremonies, and business meeting procedures) is to both teach new DeMolay’s as well as to remind every DeMolay of the standards of good sonship and good citizenship which we have pledged ourselves. If there was ever just one thing that separates DeMolay from other youth groups, it would be our ritual work. The importance of the Ritual is that is becomes a shared experience foundation upon which brotherhood of DeMolay is built.

Every good DeMolay chapter is built on a foundation of good Ritual and highly successful DeMolay chapters have a “Tradition of Excellence” with regards to their ritual which is deeply engrained as part of the “DeMolay Experience” their members enjoy.  As a DeMolay, you are challenged to perform the ceremonies and speeches of DeMolay at a superior level so that you and your brethren can have the fullest of the “DeMolay Experience.”

To that end, Minnesota DeMolay has created the MasterRitualist program. The program encourages superior ritual work. Not simply wading through it without regards to accuracy, but rather a focused attention to the beauty and detail within the written words of the Ritual’s author, Frand Marshall. While effects of superior ritual work is rewarding in itself, a young man who completes the Supreme Ritualist program not only is recognized as such, but also will receive a full size sword and shield wall display to commemorate their accomplisments as well as will have be able to attend the annual Minnesota DeMolay Conclave at no charge while they remain an Active DeMolay.

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