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Welcome to Minnesota DeMolay

DeMolay is the premier youth leadership fraternity for young men ages 12 to 21. The young men in DeMolay learn important skills such as public speaking, event planning, fundraising and professional meeting organization. They are provided the opportunity to plan and run their own activities in an environment where success is celebrated and failure is a learning experience.

Along with the skills DeMolay teaches, there is a very powerful element of friendship and brotherhood among our members. Members of DeMolay are not merely friends during their time in DeMolay, they become life-long friends.

We welcome all young men and their families to our organization and look forward to helping to develop into successful and confident adults.

Minnesota DeMolay Caucus

State Officer Elections

With our Conclave being cancelled this year, many of you may be wondering about your State Officers and elections. Well, wonder no more!

  • Our current State Master Councilor, Sam Burrows, will extend his term by 6 months, ending in January 2021.
  • We will currently be voting for State Junior and Senior Councilors for a half term, August 2020 through January 2021.
  • In January we will hold a mini-clave and vote for our new full cast of State Officers and their term will be from January 2021 through Conclave 2022. We will then be back to the regular 1-year terms.

We will be conducting not one, but TWO Zoom calls for Questioning and Caucus!

Friday, July 31st from 5pm-7pm – Meet and Greet with the candidates for your future State Junior and State Senior Councilors. You will be able to submit fun, personality based (yet DeMolay appropriate) questions live!

Saturday, August 1st, from 5pm-7pm – Serious candidate questioning and nominating Caucus – ask your candidates about their vision and plans for Minnesota DeMolay to help make your decision, which will be followed by a vote and announcement of the winners!

You must register by July 27th, 2020. Register here!

ALL Chapter delegates should be registered (those with obligation cards) and any new brothers are welcome to attend as well! Your current state officers will be reaching out to the Chapter Master Councilors about this event. The meeting link will be sent to REGISTERED MEMBERS ONLY.